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About Our Business

Who We Are

Global Accounting Hub

At Global Accounting Hub, we strive to create a great experience for our clients through our comprehensive service offerings. We provide excellent customer care through the pursuit of growing, learning and continuous improvement, while acting with compassion and humility.

We strive to make an impact not only within the companies and industries of our clients, but within their personal lives as well. Business is not just a transactional relationship at Global Accounting Hub; it is about supporting, respecting and partnering with our clients first and foremost as people.

Accounting Documents

Our mission remains the same: to assist clients in identifying, clarifying and achieving their goals. We accomplish this by caring about our clients’ families and companies as if they were our own.


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Kamaljit Sidhu


Kamal offers a powerful blend of financial expertise and legal perspective to her publicly traded and privately held company clients.

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